Humano 3D

About Humano 3D

We believe, that well-thought 3d People Collection will save your resources, so you can focus more on making creative decisions and have more time to finetune your images.

Made with passion and love for digital beauty!
We believe, that natural looking 3d People will save your time, enrich your images and make your work easier, faster and more enjoyable.
Why Humano 3D?● Natural Looking

Natural poses and interactions of our 3d People are based on everyday situations.

● Realistic and high-quality

Realistic Blender shaders, that go together with high quality mesh and 6K textures.

● Cost-effective

Affordable, yet high-quality 3D People avaliable as Collections or Single models.

● TrueWalk

Additionaly refined Posed 3d Models reflect a true freeze-frame of natural movement.

● Enjoyable use

4 color variations per model give possibility to quickly find the right balance in the image.

Humano 3D Collections

Each collection contains 20 Posed 3d People models in 4 color variations and Blender shaders working with Cycles and Eevee!

Chocofur Lifetime Bundle Discount

By purchasing the Chocofur Lifetime Bundle you'll get a permanent 10% discount on all Humano 3D products available at Chocofur Store!

Humano 3D License Agreement

To read the full Humano 3D License Agreement, please navigate to the page linked below:

Humano 3D License Agreement

Read more about the licensing and terms of use of the Humano 3D Assets. It is a separate license agreement to the one covering the Chocofur Blender Assets.


If you have any questions or feedback regarding the Humano 3D assets, feel free to get in touch at: [email protected]