Chocofur Lifetime Update and Access

Edited: 22 May 2020What is Chocofur Lifetme Update and Access?

Some of the Chocofur Store products, usually 3D model bundles, are sold with the Lifetime Update feature. That means whenever we release new 3D models, or add a new content to the bundle, you'll be able to download it completely for free!

Products with the Lifetime Update feature usually come at the lower price and may include lower amounts of 3D models - you "buy into' the bundle earlier, but you benefit from the purchase in the long run. As the new 3D models are added and the bundle price increases, you're already able to download the new content for free!

Chocofur Lifetime Bundle

Chocofur Lifetime Bundle is our top of the line product - pay once and get an unlimited access to all of the existing, and upcoming Chocofur Blender assets - forever! Or as long as the Chocofur exists :-)

Chocofur Lifetime Bundle €1,189.90 €989.90

Chocofur Lifetime Bundle, as for now, includes all Chocofur 3D assets and Courses. We reserve ourselves the right to change the content of the Chocofur Lifetime Bundle in the future (ie. exclude the upcoming Chocofur Courses from it), but everyone purchasing the Lifetime Bundle at the time of it included everyhing released by Chocofur, will always have access to everything released by Chocofur. We just want this to be stated loud and clearl :-)

● Chocofur Addons and Apps

As Chocofur, we plan to further develop Blender Addons and online applications empowering 3D artists in their work. As for today, Chocofur Lifetime Bundles do not grant our users "unlimited and forever free" access to any Addon, nor online service. We reserve ourselves a right to release a certain Addon or online service and charge a monthly/annual fee and exclude it from the Lifetime Update products. We will, however, try to grant the Chocofur Lifetime Bunle users a reduced fee on the mentioned services.

● Vendor Products and Discounts

You have to remember that Vendor products are excluded from the Chocofur Lifetime Bundles - unless individual Vendors decide otherwise. However, we always try to benefit the Lifetime users by granting them permanent discount on the Vendor products. As for now, all Chocofur Lifetime Bundle owners will have the following discounts applied automatically to all Vendor purhases:

● Humano 3D People: 10% discount with Chocofur Lifetime Bundle● Arroway Textures: 20% discount with Chocofur Lifetime BundleOther products with Lifetime Update

All Chocofur Bundles and Courses have the Lifetime Update feature. That means that newly released 3D models which are added to the bundle will be available to the user free! A few examples of the regular bundles: